Diamond dotted paper, or DDP, is made of electrical insulating paper with diamond-shape epoxy resin dotted on both sides.

The epoxy used in diamond dotted paper contains a kind of incubative hardener material. It is a dry and crisp material at normal temperature.

Diamond dotted paper has good dielectric properties and good mechanical properties after heat solidification.

Diamond dotted pattern paper  is used in oil-immersed transformers for the insulation between coils and layers of oil immerged power distribution transformers.

  • Place of Origin: China Mainland
  • Material: high quality sulfate insulating wood pulp
  • Application Range: High Voltage
  • Rated Voltage: 5kv
  • Tensile Strength: TD: 30-140 N/10mm MD: 60-260 N/10mm
  • Thickness: 0.08 - 0.40 mm
  • Width: 625mm, 960mm, 1000mm, 1010mm, 1030mm
  • Water: 4% ~ 8%
  • Ash Content: ≤1%
  • Packaging Details: wooden box
  • Delivery Detail: 1-7 days after order confirmation

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Insulation Diamond Dotted Paper

  • Insulation Diamond Dotted Paper

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