Corona-resistant Polyimide Film,  also known as CR Polyimide film, CR PI film, is aimed at high power frequency control motor insulation. It is produced with adopting advanced dispersion technique which put the inorganic nano-particles into the film, so it can improve greatly the performance of corona-resistant corrosion. It is used widely in high power frequency control motor, and it can increase the reliability and lifetime of such motor. 


  • Excellent performance of high and low temperature resistance, electricity insulativity, radiation and etching resistance
  • Excellent performance of corona resistance and thermal conductivity
  • Possessing 50 times ageing resistance property 
  • Halogen-free, environment-friendly, flame-retardant


Wind power generator, variable frequency motor, traction motors, and electrical rotating machines, high voltage transformer, magnetic wire wrap, super high-voltage cable insulation and other electronic insulation, etc. 


Available thickness: 25micron, 38micron, 50micron

Special thickness is available upon request.

Please contact us for technical data and other requirements.

Corona-resistant Polyimide Film

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